Our Work

AIR focuses on ensuring that an early warning system (EWS) is used to take action. We guide leaders and educators through a research-based process of identifying at-risk students, targeting supports, and monitoring students to improve graduation outcomes. Our knowledge of EWS, including the development of tools and resources to support implementation, and our extensive experience in providing EWS design, technical assistance, and training to stakeholders makes AIR an ideal partner in supporting at-risk students. Specifically, our staff members have the following to offer:

  • We are national experts in the development of EWS tools and guidance that support implementation in states, districts, and schools. We provide schools, districts, and states with the guidance they need to determine how to organize intervention supports to meet the needs of at-risk students.
  • We customize EWS efforts to be coherent and aligned with other efforts our state, district, and school clients are already implementing. An effective EWS isn’t ‘one more thing’ that schools have to do. Implemented properly, an EWS pulls together and integrates data used by multiple initiatives, such as a multi-tiered system of support, to efficiently and effectively identify and support at-risk students. Our experts have experience in schools, districts, and state offices and understand the competing demands that must be addressed for an EWS to be successful.
  • We have a demonstrated track record of providing useful and timely ongoing support to states, districts, and schools that have planned, designed, and implemented an EWS. We have provided a range of EWS technical assistance activities and ongoing implementation supports to more than 30 states and hundreds of districts and schools. We have supported the development of early warning systems for a variety of clients and understand the context and necessary adjustments from operating at different levels of the education system. AIR has supported the development of early warning systems in California, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Texas, Virginia, and more. At the school and district levels, we provided guidance and support across the Implementation Pathway from selecting research-based and validated indicators through implementation and ongoing support of an EWS.

AIR’s team has worked with clients across the country to refine their practices in order to ensure that students achieve key educational milestones such as reading at grade level, on-time graduation, and postsecondary readiness and persistence. Contact Us today to learn more about how we can help our clients put early warning systems into action.


” I looked at [AIR’s Early Warning System] as a way to get an idea of who those kids were that were at risk of dropping out. It has expanded into really looking at how schools do their business day to day.”

Michigan Department of
Education Administrator